Having a husband who is cruel, and treating you like others is not easy to treat.

My husband always told me how useless and worthless I am everyone I commit a mistake. It is painful for me to hear those words come out from him. I did not realize that our relationship would end up like this, I have suffered for too long in hope that he will change for our children’s. Our children’s is the reason why we have gone this far, I think that having a complete family can make them happy. But I also realize that I had sacrificed so much to maintain this family. I am physically and emotionally stress, fear lives on me. I am afraid if he goes worst. What if one day he goes crazy and he can hurt our children’s too, what if he can’t control himself? Those are some questions that keep popping in my head. I don’t want to disappoint my children but it is for their sake I am doing. My husband has entered drugs, and I fear for our lives.


Thankfully I don’t have to assume on him our daily necessities. I have work, and being an Ascot Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/ascot-escorts makes me strong. Becoming an Ascot Escorts has answered my worries in life; my life is more comfortable than before. My friends and colleagues help me to overcome the damage has made by my husband. I am also thankful that being an Ascot Escorts helps a me forget the bad memories I have. I enjoy being an Ascot escorts so much, I was the one who is helping now to people of possible. If before I live in fear, it was the reverse now, full of joy and love. My children’s has understood our situations and I was fully supported by them.


If I did not divorce my husband, I am still in his hands begging each day not to make me suffer. I am thankful that when I am trained as an Ascot Escorts it made me brave. I learned to fight for myself, my family and our right. It is not marriage that can complete the person, it is their true happiness. When you already achieve your happiness, then you are complete. And that what makes life. Everything I am now is because of my career, being an Ascot Escorts is my passion now. I am a happy mom of three beautiful girls and a London escort. Leaving my husband is the best choice I made. Do not hesitate to leave your partner when it is causing too much stress on you.

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